Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Steps (Dives 53 -54)

The Steps, Kurnell

Dive 1

Max Depth: 12,9m 
Time: 56'
Water Temp: 22°C

Dive 2

Max Depth: 13,2m 
Time: 58'
Water Temp: 22°C

Dive Gear

Weigths: 15 Pounds (6.8 Kg)
Audaxpro 20L BCD
Apeks XTX100
Apeks RK3 Fins
Oceanic Traxion 5mm boots (hard sole)
5mm Long Wetsuit
GoPro5 with pole and Backscatter Flip5 with Red Filters

Sydney, 10 Mar 2018

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